Gamewright Flexi Puzzle

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Each of these 12 colorful cubes moves in every direction. But which one is right?

Pull out the challenge book and get flexing. With 80 different puzzles to solve and four levels of difficulty, you'll be twisting and turning till the sun goes down... but you won't mind. After all, that's half the fun!

Throw it in a backpack or purse. Long drives and waiting rooms are no longer boring. When you've completed all the levels, you still won't put this Flexi puzzle away. It's finger therapy and mindful thought.

Flexi Puzzle

  • A twisting puzzle to challenge the mind
  • Prompts critical thinking, visual spatial skills, concentration
  • Fabulous flexi fun, each cube moves any way you choose
  • 80 levels with 4 levels of difficulty
  • A rainbow 12 cube puzzle with challenge book
  • Storage bag included
  • Ages 8+
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