Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse, little

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Perfect for kids who are losing their teeth and waiting for the tooth fairy! This Tooth Fairy mouse comes in a bag with a back pocket to store the tooth until her arrival. Switch the tooth out for a treat in the bag while your little one sleeps for magical childhood memories.

The Tooth Fairy mouse is little sister/brother size, measuring almost 4 inches tall. Mouse is made of cotton and linen with polyester and PE pellet filling.


Watch the video below to see a tour of our Maileg collection. Build your own with the various mice, accessories, furniture, and more.


Please note that we are unable to ship Maileg products to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Ohio. Please read Maileg's statement below:
Going forward Maileg Inc will not market, sell, or distribute in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or Ohio. These states require the use of all new materials in stuffed toys. 
It is important to reduce the use and the demand for virgin polyester fibers. Maileg uses 100% recycled polyester in an effort to support this reduction.  

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